Our Standing Stones

I can be so forgetful sometimes. Not in the little, daily things. I always remember to pick my kids up, to pack their lunches, who has appointments and when, who forgot to take their vitamins, who left their towel on the bathroom floor, and that I need to pick up milk and toilet paper before … Continue reading Our Standing Stones


A Father

“Father to the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.” ~ Psalm 68:5 I spend a lot of time talking about the important role of a mother; they have a tough but vital job in the lives of their children. That’s true. Motherhood is noble and impossible and miraculous. But fatherhood, … Continue reading A Father


Christmas is an absolutely magical time in our house. The decorations are lovely, our daughters are like angels, and there is a peace that settles into our home. A large part of the wonder of the season is caused by focusing on the God we believe in and serve, celebrating that He became a baby … Continue reading Christmas