What Matters

I can seek the heights of every mountain. Stand on the edge of every canyon. Travel to every jungle and ocean’s shore. Have an incredible ‘Best. Day. Ever!’

But if I don’t enjoy the gift of the ordinary days in the life I’ve been given, what does it matter?

I can prep my kids for their future. I can make sure they’ve developed their abilities and skills. I can give them every opportunity to experience the world.

But if I don’t raise them to know who their Creator made them to be, and how He loves them, and if they don’t know their home and family is their God-given safe-haven, then the rest of it doesn’t matter.



And I can preach the gospel. I can tell you what the Bible says. I can say eloquent words. I can make wise observations. I can help people. I can do good things. In fact, I can do all the good things.

But if God’s presence isn’t with me, then what does it matter?


So can you feel Him? When you’re with me?

Do you sense that I’ve brought Someone else along? And, whether you like me or not, are you drawn to Him?

Did He speak something to your heart, no matter how foolishly fumbled my words came out? Did you hear His truth and wisdom woven into my random, disconnected thoughts?

You don’t have to be impressed by me. But my hope and prayer is that with me, I bring The One who makes impressions all over your life. And opens your eyes. And changes you into who you’re supposed to be.

That’s what matters.



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